GlobalBoost BSTY powered by IMPACT Protocol launch during NFT NYC at Washington Elite Gala

Welcome! And Swapping Instructions

Thank you for securing the network by mining and or buying the BSTY coins. We have one of the oldest teams in crypto with our original leadership team and developer. Have updated the source code a number of times over the years. We are very excited about this update!

What Is Included:


In this major network update, we are bringing our BSTY coins from the 2014 Bitcoin fork onto the newest code in the world. This update turns the new BSTY “Powered by IMPACT Protocol” to work as a full blockchain protocol similar to Polkadot and Ethereum. Developers will be able to launch tokens and smart contracts, build Dapps, and creators can mint NFT’s and collectables.

We are big supporters of the mining industry and believe true, free blockchain need to be proof-of-work (POW) to secure the network. We also believe that inclusion is important so the new BSTY “Powered by IMPACT Protocol” also has Proof-of-Stake features, a DAO and governance system putting the power in the hands of the people!

How To Swap:


Once you have registered and made an account, please join the Swapping Desk. Message @Robin and he will respond with a personal deposit address that is assigned only to you. After sending the BSTY please send the tx id. At launch of main net, you receive 1,000 new IMPACT coins for every 1 BSTY sent to the Swapping Desk. So, 365 BSTY is 365,000 IMPACT coins. The IMPACT coins are released daily for one year so if you have 365,000 IMPACT you will receive 1,000 per day for 365 days.

What Happens Next:

On July 22nd in Manila, during the famed AIBC Summit during the Washington Elite Gala the new BSTY, Powered by IMPACT Protocol launches! All holders are invited to join us in Manila. The Washington Elite Galas are well-known black-tie affairs in the industry. We will be sold out, space is limited. BSTY holders who have swap 5,000 coins, or more are eligible for free VIP tickets. Please let @GlobalBoost know you plan to attend ASAP so we can ensure your spot!

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