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Are you looking for a blockchain solution that’s not only innovative and cutting-edge, but also dedicated to making a positive impact on the world? Look no further than the Impact Protocol.

Build on our Layer 0 updated with Rust code on the Substrate blockchain framework. Impact Protocol is designed to empower organizations and drive technological innovation. With 420,514 blocks already in place before the update to Rust, code and a total of 21,648,000 $BSTY BSTY coins in circulation, our network is well established and ready to serve your needs.

But that’s not all – the Impact Protocol is gearing up for a major network update and 1 to 1,000 swap, taking place on April 15, 2023 at the Washington Elite Gala in New York City during NFT NYC. And our goals are ambitious – our eyes are set on reaching a $10 billion market cap, having 100 different ImpactChains, and listing on the NASDAQ (IPO) in 2024.

Our team of 16 core members, along with hundreds of community members, is working tirelessly to bring you the best possible experience. Our marketing strategy includes influencer campaigns, street teams, social media, a Times Square billboard, and more. And, leading up to the launch, we’re even releasing a Save the Whales NFT debit card.

We believe in delivering on our promises and building a strong, engaged community. That’s why we’re deploying our main net on April 15th and hosting hackathons in Q1 2023. And, with a focus on niche markets and impactful partnerships, as well as a commitment to reinvesting half of all earnings back into the ecosystem, our ROI is fueled by both supply and growth potential.

At Impact Protocol, we give 110% and believe in the power of hybrid decentralized ideas. With a real-time community-driven approach, market knowledge, and a decentralized team behind our product, we’re ready to help deep tech and AI organizations deliver. 

Join us on this exciting journey and be part of a blockchain solution that’s truly making a difference. Get started with Impact Protocol today.

Best regards, The Impact Protocol Team

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